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Our experience spans decades of evolution in winemaking. Both traditional and progressive wine production techniques are embraced while remaining focused on our core belief: only fruit grown form select vineyard sources that is handled gently and naturally produces wine worthy of bottling under the Croix name. 

: Sort It Out : Utilization of state-of-the-art, multi-stage sorting systems are key to producing "fruit caviar," assuring our fruit base is clean of all material other than grapes. 

: Let Gravity And Nature Do The Work : Eliminating pumps avoids tearing the kins and breaking the seeds. With red wines, we cold soak the must and free run juice in open-top fermenters to gently extract additional flavors and color pigments from the skins. Utilizing wild yeasts for primary and secondary fermentation is standard doctrine. White wine production is a gentle whole cluster press into barrel.

: Barrel Down And Bottle As Is : A combination of new and once-used, air-dried French oak barrels are employed for aging. Our wines typically age 13 to 17 months in oak, depending on the varietal and the vintage. Natural is always better, therefore, our wines are bottled unfiltered and unfined.