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Croix Estate

Croix Estate Cinghiale GSM Red Blend


Toasted oak char, white smoke, black pepper, dense red berry fruit and Cape jasmine waft from the glass drawing one’s curiosity. The palate reveals flavors of ripe black plum, blackberry, sweet cassis, with hints of black pepper, espresso and semi-sweet cocoa. The finish is lengthy and viscous with vibrant acidity adding substantial length to the session.

WAYPOINT GRAPE VARIETY(S): 43% Syrah, 39% Granache, 18% Mourvedre

The Vineyards | Kick Ranch Vineyard, Rincon Valley, Sonoma County

Small lot Grenache, Syrah, Mourvedre and the blended GSM captured our hearts decades ago coming up in the industry. Grown to perfection and in the right locations, there was magic in the bottle of these off-variety productions that offered a range of styles from quaffable, aromatic beauties to hedonistic ink bombs that everyone seemed to pan at our wine parties, despite not a drop being spared in the bottles of the heartier efforts. It was, particularly during the late 1990’s, with Zinfandel and GSM productions that we witnessed a cultural shift in |production from lower alcohol wines to more fruit forward, fully ripened renditions. While we find great pleasure in debating the attributes of both style preferences, there is an argument to be established in any Northern California, wine-country tasting room that California began to define itself outside of traditional French-based winemaking practices during this period, and much to the flavorful benefit of the consuming public. That’s where we come in with our version of GSM. Croix Estate enthusiasts have come to recognize that we are not shy about growing fruit to its optimal ripeness. However, where there is ripeness, there is balance and harmony, and our Croix Estate Cinghiale GSM Red Blend is no exception on both fronts.

To the Northwest of Cazadero Station lies a hidden foot trail that leads backcountry hikers on what is perhaps the most breathtaking, yet dangerous, treks out to the Annapolis ridgeline overlooking the coast at Stuart’s Point. Weighing in at 600+ pounds at full maturity, the males are territorial of all intruders and the females violently protective of their young. To the casual hiker, approaching the Kings Ridge section of the hike requires a soft shoe and keen hearing, lest you encounter the ferocity of these feral beasts. The boar was not indigenous to California, yet it has managed to survive and thrive untamed in the densely wooden, northern regions of the state. A testament to the strength and character of the species.


Method | Open Top Fermentation, 5-day cold soak, 100% Carbonic Maceration With Hand Punch-Downs, Transfer Via Gravity Flow to French Oak

Utilizing Utilizing 100% Native Yeast Primary and Secondary Fermentations.

Aging Regimen | 65% New French Oak

Aging | 18 Months | 8 Barrels