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Croix Estate

Croix Estate Richard Dinner Chardonnay, Richard Dinner Vineyard, Sonoma Mountain


This is an exotic, complex Chardonnay with notes of flower oil, Meyer lemon, candle wax, toasted spice, and sweet citrus. Rich and full-bodied, yet deftly balanced with a cleansing ridge of acidity, this Chardonnay captures the imagination with nuances of delicious ripe pear, creamy Crème brûlée, and a mouthwatering finish. Fans of crisp, full styles of the variety with love this rendition.


The Vineyards | Richard Dinner Vineyard, Sonoma Mountain

Few Sonoma County wine regions are so singularly defined by elevation, exposure, and geographical features as the Sonoma Mountain American Viticulture Area (AVA). The appellation covers the hills east of Sonoma Valley, between the towns of Sonoma and Santa Rosa. The vineyards here are planted as high as 2400ft above sea level, lifting them above the famous Sonoma fog that has such an impact on the climate in Sonoma Valley and the Russian River Valley. Officially designated as a unique winegrowing region in 1985, the AVA has some 800 acres of vineyards nestled in and around Sonoma Mountain’s hills and valleys, with a variety of different sun exposures, soil types and levels of protection from the prevailing weather systems. This makes the AVA one of the most diverse in Sonoma County as the variance from east to west facing positions allows Zinfandel, Cabernet Sauvignon, Chardonnay, and Pinot Noir to grow to superior perfection yearly.

Most of Sonoma Mountain’s vineyards are planted on steep sites that face toward the east (valley/dry side), giving grapes all day exposure to the sun while protecting them from the cool, coastal weather systems on the westside of the mountain. There several cool pockets on Sonoma Mountain, particularly on the western side where the western flank meets the coastal condition of cool winds and afternoon fog from the Petaluma Gap, influencing diurnal temperature shifts, producing ideal growing conditions for Burgundy varieties. Sonoma Mountain soils are mostly volcanic, made up of ancient lava flows and ash deposited in the area millions of years ago. These soils are thin and free draining, and largely devoid of organic matter, producing the ideal environment for viticulture. Results are small, stressed vines producing low yields and highly concentrated flavors.

We are delighted to have the privilege of entrance into such an exclusive position within the county and within the vineyard itself. Notable producers on Sonoma Mountain among our peer sets are Kistler (McCrea Vineyard), Paul Hobbs (Richard Dinner Vineyard), Siduri (Van der Kamp Vineyard), and Tandem (Silver Pines Vineyard).


Method | Whole Cluster Press, via Gravity Flow to Neutral French Oak

Utilizing Utilizing 100% Native Yeast Primary and Secondary Fermentations.

Aging Regimen | 45% New French Oak

Aging | 15 Months | 5 Barrels