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Croix Estate

Jason Williams
February 9, 2024 | Jason Williams

WE HAVE A DREAM | For The Curious & The Astute Alike

We have a dream: To create beautiful, seamless aesthetic surroundings where one finds refreshment for the soul seeking refuge from the cacophony of daily life. To provide a holistic contemplation where anyone can find access to experiencing the finest wines humankind has to offer, should that be their desired pursuit. Ours is an experience where the curious newcomer can comingle with the astute collector to lift our glasses in appreciation for participation in what we believe is the most fascinating vocation on the planet.

We have a dream: Where unlimited possibilities in winemaking are embraced and respected for the courage, the grind, and the determination it takes to reach greatness in our industry. Where revelations through experimentation elbow out hardened, stale systems of false efficiency and learned laziness. Where mediocre wine is always discarded in the pursuit of achieving perfection.

We have a dream: Where apologies are made for nothing, not for our best-in-show client service that values the human experience; not for our fun-loving, storytelling hospitality that holds you captive for two hours; not for our luscious, vibrant grounds where the ride to entry is as bumpy as it was one-hundred years ago; not for producing full bodied, full flavored, beautifully balanced wines worthy of bearing our name; and, not for our pure grit that sometimes grinds others the wrong way.

12 years ago we bonded our first vintages of Chardonnay and Pinot Noir. To this day, our dream stands on the shoulders of giants come before us, extrapolating core knowledge-diamonds from which we build gems and jewels that reflect our shared vision of perfection; taking the precedent of history and applying it to our growing environment to produce wines that are identifiable as Croix Estate.

Your Winter allocation contains the pinnacle of greatness within our portfolio of production. These wines are renditions worthy of consideration from the novice and the collector alike. As always, all wines are produced in less than 200 case increments.

With gratitude, in advance, for your continued engagement in our journey.

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2022 Richard Dinner Chardonnay | Richard Dinner Vineyard, Sonoma Mountain

Varieties 100% Chardonnay | Method: 100% Wholecluster Pressed, 100% Native Primary & Secondary, 45% New French Oak, Unfiltered.

Leave it to the coastal gods to teach us a thing or two about the long arm of coastal influence deep into the southeastern reaches of Sonoma County. Sitting at a peak elevation of 2,000+ feet, facing west to the pacific ocean, directionally speaking, this vineyard lies at the target point of a roundhouse kick to the face in a lesson in location, location, location. Those familiar with the Petaluma Gap AVA know that late afternoon breezes can quickly turn to brisk fog-outs that blanket vast swaths of square mileage. Sonoma Mountain lies in this direct path. Few Sonoma County wine regions are so singularly defined by elevation, exposure, and geographical features as the Sonoma Mountain American Viticulture Area (AVA). Combine soil and micro-climate diurnal temperature variation, organic viticultural practices, a deft hand at coaxing the finer nuances in naturally produced Chardonnay, and you have the recipe for producing perfection in the glass. Like all of our 2022 vintage Chardonnays, this is another stunning, complex Chardonnay. Spicy, zesty lemon rind are interlaced with tropical flower oil, sweet citrus, and exotic spices building an aromatic dream. Full-bodied, rich and yet deftly balanced with sharp acidity, caramel and rum cream leading to a savory and delicious balance of charred crème brûlée, ripe pears, and a structured, mouthwatering finish.

$75 | 8 Barrels Produced

2022 12 Rows Chardonnay | Ritchie Vineyard, aThe Middle Reach, Russian River Valley

Varieties 100% Chardonnay | Method: 100% Wholecluster Pressed, 100% Native Primary & Secondary, 45% New French Oak, Unfiltered.

Considered among the greatest Chardonnay vineyards in the new world, Kent Ritchie is a regular, down-to-earth farmer enraptured by a vocation that compels him to work his land as he sees fit. As we have said before, humility in the face of such admiration is so very refreshing and reminds us that our daily bread is earned, one vintage at a time. We are blessed to be a part of Kent Ritchie’s greatness. This Chardonnay emotes distinct memories growing up among groves of white peach trees, letting you know with one sniff that pure deliciousness is at hand. This wine opens with vanilla crème brûlée, Meyer lemon rind, and caramelized brown sugar causing the mouth to water with anticipation. There’s more racy delicacy laced with a touch creamy richness in the 2022 that showcases a precise hand in the making of this wine. Pink grapefruit, a mouthful of ripe, white peaches, and citrus curd are topped with sweet lemon cream and crisp, honey-baked apples. My goodness this is so delicious! Unfortunately, we lost half of our normal take to early frosts. This wine will sell out.

$75 | 5 Barrels Produced


2022 Srtarlings' Roost Chardonnay | Dutton-Morelli Vineyard, Green Valley, Russian River Valley

Varieties 100% Chardonnay | Method: 100% Wholecluster Pressed, 100% Native Primary & Secondary, 45% New French Oak, Unfiltered.

Our quest to produce Chardonnay that will age for a decade or longer began with the 2012 vintage of Starlings’ Roost Chardonnay. We were enraptured by this site’s history, location, and the deafening cacophony emanating from thousands of roosting Starlings. Positioned within the Occidental Cordillera, this is home to hallowed earth, revered by many a talented winemaker. Planted in the late 1890’s, it is a temperate vineyard location sitting above the fog line, subject to piercing, midday sunshine, deceiving its proximity to the Pacific Ocean. It is this terroir that makes this vineyard compelling and challenging with each vintage production. Boy do we love the ridge of acidity we are getting from the 2022 vintage of this wine, as it restrains the honeyed character just enough to allow for a more polished, pure effort. Earl Grey tea, tart Meyer lemon curd broaden with fresh tea leaves and lightly toasted pine nuts brings us back to our love for this site. Crisp Gravenstein apples and sweet pink grapefruit balance sweet and tart to perfection, leading to an expansive, lengthy finish of Hawaiian pineapple, cloves and a dash of toasty vanillin. Medium bodied and light on the viscosity, this wine is refreshing, vibrant, and worthy of decade in the cellar.

$75 | 8 Barrels Produced

2021 Kings Ridge Pinot Noir | Cinghiale Vineyard, Fort Ross-Seaview, Sonoma Coast

Pinot Noir Clones: 828 & 777 | Method: 90% Pellenc destemmed, 10% Wholecluster, 5 Day Cold Soak, 100% Carbonic Native Inoculation, Hand Punch Down Cap Submersions, 50% New French Oak, 16 Months. Unfiltered.

A super-sexy, summer-sipping dream, our Estate SB is extremely limited in production with a cult following. As we always explain, just two rows exist on our estate, so delightful surprises in small batches continue to impress us from this sliver of vines. Enticing aromas of highly perfumed Amalfi lemons and citrus blossom mingle in with fresh wheat grass, white rose, honeysuckle and gardenia. On the palate, honey infused sweet pink grapefruit, base minerality, and Meyer lemon rind are delicately balanced with bright acidity, creamy nuances, anMost enthusiasts push-back on north coast Pinot Noir because it tends to skew acidic, light, and lacking the pleasantries we often find in a straight Russian River Valley Pinot Noir. It doesn’t have to be this way. We have increased hang-time in the growing cycle to increase core tannin and flavor development in the fruit. The results are stunning. If ever there were an “elite” vineyard classification system within the Russian River Valley and Sonoma Coast appellations, Cinghiale Vineyard would sit squarely within this classification. Purchased by Dave Del Dotto in 2005, the “Cinghiale” (Italian for wild boar) Vineyard is named for the frequent inhabitants of the property. Overlooking the Pacific Ocean, it consists of 359 acres at the top of Kings Ridge in the Fort Ross-Seaview appellation, and is planted with 43-acres of Pinot Noir. It features a broad diversity of Pinot Noir clones with lineages hailing from the top vineyards in Burgundy, as well as select top-rated clones from its neighbors in California. Our production combines Clone 828 and 777, 10% whole cluster into open top fermenters. Among our most substantial, complex wines within our mix of single-vineyard Pinot Noirs, this wine is a rare beauty. Licorice, black cherries, sweet tobacco leaf, blue herbs, cream soda, and cardamom pull you in. On the palate this wine is massive and full-bodied with blackfruit compote, raspberries, plum concentrate, and crushed espresso bean, with mouthwatering acidity and a perpetual finish.

$105 | 6 Barrels Produced

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